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Many soils are depleted in phosphate, a crucially important mineral for all life. Also, low phosphate is commonly seen in patients who are “refeeding” after suffering malnutrition from any cause.

The supplement I recommend for phosphate is a little pricey but well worth it and will last you a long time. It’s called CMC, and is a very well-refined form of soft rock phosphate, containing 66 minerals, including trace minerals, potassium, and phosphate. It can be taken in capsules with food.

It can also be used used topically: the skin absorbs the minerals and the body uses them with no need for digestion. You just mix the powder with some olive oil to make a slurry and rub it in like lotion. This works great for babies, and is great for any type of pain in joints, bones or other connective tissue.

The only seller is the manufacturer, at (I apologize for his lack of web design!)