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I have a toddler, aged two-and-a-half and like many toddlers, he’s adventurous and loves both climbing and eating. So, one day not long ago, I found him with his hand in the sugar can (The sugar, organic and tan, is mainly for tea and some baking, for those of you who have an eyebrow up.). I didn’t want to make a big stink about it, and he was just taking pinches, so I didn’t react. About a minute passed and someone else brought the great big can of chlorella to the kitchen table, setting it right next to the sugar fiend. What happened next was amazing. He exclaimed, “CORELLA!” and immediately switched his fiending from the sugar to the chlorella tablets. When the chlorella was removed from the table a few minutes later, he attempted to switch back, but this time I foiled him.

Then just today it happened again. This time, I saw he was climbing into a chair in front of an open honey jar. When he got situated, he found the honey had disappeared (Who, me?), and started yelling. I was about to swallow a handful of chlorella at that moment and when he saw what was in my hand, he asked for some. So I brought him his own handful, in a tiny bowl. He was delighted and perfectly satisfied.


Chlorella is WAY better than sugar. But we already knew that — just not how MUCH better!