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Everything in Walmart smells the same because the factory makes sure they do
This apparent uniformity is something shoppers are used to. Maybe it makes us buy more. I shop at a lot of resale establishments to avoid some of that chemical overload
That sounds like a great solution, but those stores need to compete, and used clothes, no matter how clean and pressed they are, smell all different ways. Their solution is to slather the shop in Febreze or set out lots of “air fresheners” which add stronger smells to the air to cover up the various odors.

Last week, I was shopping at a consignment store that used both.
It was a tiny place, and the smell was overwhelming. I was motivated to get my shopping done fast and get out. By the time I got to the counter, I was dizzy and had dull headache with slightly fuzzy vision. I complained to the clerk that the air fresheners were the perfect way to get an “instant headache.” I was clear that the smells were the cause and that I knew it. Her response demonstrated a very different understanding: “Oh! Would you like an Excedrin?”

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