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The following are doctors and medical practices who are known to refer patients to the online Visual Contrast Sensitivity test for neurotoxin exposure. Many of them likely use Dr. Shoemaker’s pharmaceutical-based protocol for mold detoxification and other neurotoxin syndromes. Anyone can search for the items in this list with Google to find more information on these practitioners. Including search terms relevant to the desired treatment may also be helpful.

I provide this list as a resource only. I do not personally recommend using any drug therapy to recover from mold poisoning.

Arata Medical
Dr. Kirk Archibald
Dr. Hallie Armstrong
Dr. Jordan Axe
Dr. Roger Bailey
Dr. Lee S. Barbach
Dr. Krystal Barnett
Dr. Aaron Bates
Dr. Davis Batson
Dr. Kelly Bauman
Eirini Beikousi, IMD
Dr. Amie Bend
The Fitness Spot
Dr. Chris Boman
Dr. Dale Brown
Dr. Joanne Buettner
Dr. Marco Caravaggio
Dr. Phillip Carlyle
Dr. Gina Carucci
Dr. Lori Craviotto
Cellular Healing Health Centers
Christian Medical Ministries
Dr. Joseph Clarino
Clear Health Centers
Dr. Steven Cohen
Dr. Chris Colgin
Comprehensive Healthcare
Dr. Erin Conway-Greiner
Dr. Ken Cooper
Dr. Marcus Coplin
Dr. Linda D’Eramo
Dr. Lance Daniel
Annie Dayton MSN, RN
Dr. Daniel Demian
Dr. John Dennehy
Dr. Russell Desmarais
Dr. Scott Doughty
Dr. Friedrich Douwes
Dr. Michel Dupuis
Tonya Duval
Dr. Amy Ear
Dr. Allison Edmonds
Dr. Gerda Edwards
Elevation Health
Eyesite Optometric Group
Figoski Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Greg Fors
Fox Integrated Healthcare
Dr. Craig French
Dr. Michael Gallagher
Dr. Philip Gilman
Dr. Brad Gorski
Dr. Patricia Grimmel Henry
Dr. Todd Grubb
Alan W. Gruning, DO
Dr. Susan Haddow
Dr. Paul Hambrick
Dr. Jena Hansen-Honeycutt
Harbour Health Center
Dr. Gary Hatlen
Helping Touch Natural Health Clinic
Dr. Steve Hyjek
Indigo Sage Health
Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic
Dr. Mindi Jentes
Ketterling Longevity
Dr. David R. Kolker
Dr. Jeanette S. Kramer
Dr. Taylor Krick
Dr. Christine Krueger
Dr. John Kule
Lake Oswego Health Center
Dr. Elizma Lambert
Dr. Cynthia Lauren
Dr. Robyn Lawrence
Dr. Lynese Lawson
Life Medicine Japanese Healing Arts
Dr. Jeff Listiak
Living Well Chiropractor Manati / Caparra
Dr. Kyle Longo
Dr. Scott Lund
Dr. Maria Maricich
Dr. Jay Marienthal
MaxWell Clinic
Andrea McNinch
Dr. David Merrill
Dr. Cory Meuleman
Dr. Randy Michaux
Dr. Mary Migliori
Dr. Richard Millo
MPB Naturopathic
Dr. Mónica Munguia
Dr. Jana Nalbandian
Nature’s Path Family Wellness
Dr. John Needler
Dr. Placido Nicdao
Michele Novello, NP
Nutrition and Wellness Consulting
NW Health Centers
Dr. Vedat Obuz
Dr. Alex Ogle
Options Naturopathic Clinic
Origins Functional Medicine
Dr. Kevin Passero
Pennridge Wellness Center
Performance Health, P.A.
Diana Phillips
Dr. Jeff Phillips
Dr. Marc Pinto
Real Health Medical
Dr. Laura Rehmer
Dr. Micah Ries
Dr. Brandon Roberts
Dr. Randall Roberts
Dr. Heith Root
Dr. Katherine Roth
Christine Sagan, NP
Dr. Bob Scott
Dr. Lori Serra
Dr. John Silva
Dr. Paul Sorchy
Dr. Shawn Soszka
South Florida Functional Medicine
Dr. Michael Southwick
Donna Stark
Dr. Michael Stone
Dr. Thomas Sult
Suma Medicine
Dr. Emma Sutherland
Dr. Cade Taylor
Dr. Cody Taylor
Joy Teitelbaum, LCSW-C
Tenino Chiropractic & Wellness Center
The Modern Sensei
The Well for Health
Dr. Mike Thompson
Dr. Tracy Thomson
Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. James Tighe
Total Body Wellness Clinic
Dr. Suzanne Turner
Dr. Brian Van Aken
Dr. Laara Van Bryce
Paula Vetter, RN, MSN, FNP
Virginia Integrative Health
Vitality Wellness Center
Dr. Victoria Vodon
Dr. Scott Waddell
Waddell Wellness
Lee Anne Walsh, RDN, CLT
Waterloo Chiropractic
Dr. Joan Waters
Dr. William Weinman
Mary E. Wilson, NP
Dr. David Yoder
Dr. Michelle Young

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